Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Motivational Story

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Motivational Story

How many times I have gone through the articles or stories written about Rick Lee Crosby Jr and his wife and every time I have inspired and got something new to learn. Yes, he is a real estate developer and his wife contributes to lots of social activities and noble acts. Rick has done lots of hard work in order to make his life successful as it is. He is a successful, rich and kind personality. He has a family and he can spend all his time and money in leading a luxurious life with his family but whenever he gets time, he spends his time in listening to the poor and needy people.

He comes through the problems of poor people and try to understand their pain. He is a genuine guy who has done a lot for others without expecting anything in return. This is the best quality he posses that is enough to motivate people like me. I am big fan of him and I read each and every article written about him. This time, I decided to write something for him as he deserves to be appreciated by others. It is not easy to do that Rick does.

He takes some time from his busy schedule and sped it with other people. He is unique as he has kind heart and social service is his main motive. He wants to improve the lives of others and when he does such things he feels amazing. I don’t have words to describe his personality but I really appreciate him and I have learn a lot from this pour soul. In today’s world, when people have become so selfish and greedy, he still has such feeling to help others. Hats off to rick and his wife.


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