Rick Lee Crosby Jr: Live For Others

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: Live for others

I have rarely seen the people helping people even when they know these people cannot help them back or don’t offer anything in return. Nowadays people have become so educated, equipped, rich and yes heartless. They don’t have time to understand the pain of others, let alone offering money and time. There are so many people who have gain lots of success and fame in their lives and they spend their money in helping others, charity or donation but they expect something in return. It is hard to find kind hearted and generous people in today’s world. But still there are some people who are exception in this selfish world. Yes, we are talking about none other than Rick Lee Crosby a real estate developer.

Rick Lee Crosby Jr believes in humanity and thinks that this world can be a better place if a human understand the other human and help each others. If you become the reason of someone’s smile it’s like a reward you get for your satisfaction. Everyone cannot help others in money but still there are so many way to feel their pain and try to be their helping hands.

Life is not bed of roses and it is almost applicable for everyone but sometimes when we get success, money and fame us should also think for helping others. If we earn lots of money then donating it to the poor and needy people is not a big deal. We can think in right direction that takes us to the positive world.

Rick Lee Crosby Jr has become an inspiration for lots of people. He has done a lot for poor and needy people. He has even offered employment opportunities to lots of young and educated people. He believes in giving that rise him above always.


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