Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Motivational Story

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Motivational Story

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Motivational Story

Life is very complicated for poor people as they can’t fulfill the basic needs. They have to face weird situations when it comes to upbringing of their kids. They don’t have enough money to provide education to their children. Sometimes they need help from other people. If we can help such people we must do. Life is not all about taking care of our needs. It’s really a great fun to help others. We can help others by any means. We can offer such people moral support and financial too.

In today’s world, when we are better equipped to help other and find such people, the things have become harsh. We have become self centered and we don’t feel the pain of others. This is heartbreaking and disappointing. It seems world is filled with darkness only but still some people like Rick Lee Crosby Jr are the symbol of light that can enlighten the path.

He is a real estate developer who has achieved a lot and done a lot for poor and needy people. He has done what a human being must do for other human beings. Earlier, it was not even easy for him, but he realized the pain and real situation of needy people and offered them handsome wages.

Rick Lee Crosby Jr became mentor for so many poor guys. He has joined so many organizations like Save The Children, The Habitat For Humanity, Red Cross and much more that are engaged in social welfare. His wife has also been working towards the social welfare. They both are inspiration for so many other people. We can improve the lives of others and we must do. A noble act will offer you real happiness from inside out. Every person should learn something from this couple. You can change the world.


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