Rick Lee Crosby Jr: Keep The Humanity Alive

Rick Lee Crosby Jr: Keep the Humanity Alive

Most of us think about comfortable and luxurious life but without any problem. Hard work is the key to success but nobody wants it. People don’t have the value of money and time as they get it easily sometime. They misuse their money and time. People have become selfish and they don’t even want to see and listen to the pain of poor and needy people.

We are human beings and if we have enough money and time, why can’t we use it for the sake of happiness of someone else. The things have become very complicated nowadays and it seems people are now emotionless. This is unsatisfactory and disappointing.

World would have been a pathetic place if people like Rick Lee Crosby Jr would not started helping poor and needy people. Yes, we need such more people who can keep the humanity and emotions alive in today’s world.

Every person has a heart and it should be filled with love and care but nobody understands the pain of others. Rick Lee Crosby Jr has done a lot for poor people. He has done good things for needy people and takes steps for improving their lives.

He has offered employment opportunities and education facilities to poor people. He has got registered with so many reputable trusts which are contributing towards the improvement of poor and needy people.

His wife also does such noble acts and keeps motivating Rick Lee Crosby Jr for doing more noble things. They have become mentor for so many people and this is an achievement for both of them, we should learn something from both of them.

We can be the reason of smile on someone else’s face. We can make others happy by just putting some efforts.


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  • Rick Lee Crosby Jr
    Rick Lee Crosby Jr:

    Rick Lee Crosby Jr would helping poor and needy people.

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