Rick Crosby Keeps On Looking For The New Ways To Help The Poor And Needy People

Rick Crosby keeps on looking for the new ways to help the poor and needy people

Rick Crosby believes in welfare of entire mankind. He is not biased to any particular section of society or a community. He is trying to uplift the poor and improve their standard of living. He chose this task as he believes that whatever he has got today is due to the grace of God. He wants that he and his resources should be utilized for betterment of deprived sections of society. Charity and social service are the part of his daily activities and he does not look for any special occasion to do such activities. Rick keeps on looking for the new ways to help the poor and needy people.

Rick Crosby and his wife Filipina are always take part proactively in activities that are organized with the aim of welfare of society. They have registered themselves as volunteers in various charitable organizations which have centres in Philippines. Few of the organizations joined by Rick Crosby and his wife are Red Cross, Save the Children and Habitat for Humanity. They are contributing to these organizations by offering their services and financial support, whenever required. Red Cross is mainly providing medical facilities to the poor and needy people who cannot afford the cost of treatments. It also helps government in case of any epidemic. Similarly Habitat for Humanity helps those people who are facing housing problem. Save The Children is working for betterment of children for last three decades now. So, by extending his support to such great charitable organization, Rick is really doing a great job for the welfare of mankind.

Apart from this, he also travels to various places which are under developed and helps the people living in such places. The most surprising thing is that Rick Crosby is doing it without any expectations from anyone. He does not wish to get any recognition or award for what he is doing.


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